Petryx has been a dog friendly company from day one. Juno (left), Chief Log Analyst and Bran (right), Head of Dog-ital Transformation accompany us to the office every day. Previously, we had to ensure that we had dog sitters in place to pop round to walk and give general fuss to the pups five days a week as leaving a dog on its own for eight-hour days is just not pooch friendly. Now they do the 30 minute commute with us and lounge around the office until it’s time for the ‘W’ word at lunchtime. Then, they are then unleashed on the North Wales countryside to romp, swim and roll in terrible things at their leisure.

Why should you bring your dog to work?

1.      45% of people who bring their pets to work claim having their pooch with them reduces stress and enhances their work-life balance.

2.   It creates a friendly atmosphere. A dog doesn’t care if you’ve missed a deadline or done something wrong, they give extra emotional support to you and your colleagues whilst at work. Studies show that over a third of employees are happier and healthier when allowed to bring their pets to work.

3.      Speaking of health, bringing your dog to work encourages us to take more regular exercise. This is known to be beneficial for our physical and emotional health.

4.      Encouraging pet ownership by allowing people to bring their dogs to work has the added benefit of a healthier workforce as pet ownership is shown to reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

5.      It also saves employees shelling out for dog sitters during the week, creating an added financial incentive. Some pet owners claim they would be willing to stay in work later/longer if they had their pets with them so they weren’t rushing back home to let them out and feed them.

6.      Lots of companies have adopted bring-your-dog-to-work policies: Amazon, Google, Brewdog, Etsy, Ben & Jerry’s, Purina, and Build-A-Bear Workshop to name a few. It may also help to attract new talent to your work force as it is seen as a unique privilege or benefit to be able to bring your pup to work with you.

7.      Last but certainly not least (unless you are a cat person), it’s good for dogs. They are social creatures and it will have a positive impact on animal welfare.

 Fancy making your workplace dog friendly?

We know that lots of people like the idea of being able to bring dogs to work with them but it’s another thing convincing the boss that it’s a good idea. Purina have helpfully put together a presentation that you can use to win them over. Here is another helpful checklist for creating a bring-your-dog-to-work policy. It includes things like establishing pet-free zones and taking turns or limiting the number of pets per day.

If you don’t fancy making it a permanent set-up, then try having a one-off Bring Your Dog to Work Day (Friday 21st June 2019) to raise money for charity. Once you are able to welcome dogs through your office doors, you will have to make the place pooch friendly in order to limit bin diving and cable chomping.

All that remains to be said is good luck in your quest to a dog-friendly workplace and Merry Poochmas from the Petryx office hounds.

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