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Who is Petryx?

Petryx offers built-for-purpose data products derived from proprietary and non-exclusive datasets. Our products differ from industry standard by being light, responsive and perfectly optimised for our clients’ needs.  Sold as one-off purchases, we offer perpetual royalty-free licences to data packages. We also offer access to online web-tools, free for one year after any data purchase, and on a subscription basis thereafter. 

We believe in simple, effective, and intuitively designed products. We believe in a clear pricing structure.

Petryx offers a portfolio of innovative new data solutions and services which quite simply, help our clients to get to the answers they need faster. 


Our promise

To provide fast, efficient and best-in-class digital geoscience solutions. We promise to work with our partners to find the best answers to their challenges.


The team

The Petryx leadership team brings expertise ranging from full petroleum evaluations and specialised reservoir services to data science and machine learning. Our goal is to offer best-in-class services and products which allow our clients to get results on budget, on time.

Dr Lorin Davies


Lorin is a petroleum geologist with a PhD in geology from the University of London. Prior to joining Petryx, Lorin was a Senior Project Supervisor leading proprietary and non-exclusive projects for exploration and production teams in the geoscience industry. With over 10 years industry and academic experience managing stakeholders in Europe, North America, and Asia, Lorin is responsible for business strategy and administration as well as technical oversight on consulting products.

Dr Laura Fielding


Laura is a clastic sedimentologist with a PhD from the University of Lancaster. As a specialist in provenance analyses, Laura has extensive industry experience acting as a consultant to geoscience companies in North Africa, Europe, and Latin America. Shortlisted for the 2018 JGS Early Career Award from the Geological Society of London, Laura provides technical leadership as well as being principal consultant for reservoir services.

Dr Sam Fielding


Sam is a data scientist with a PhD in Earth and Ocean Science from the University of Liverpool. His main areas of expertise are data analysis, data storage, machine learning, and web development, including curating and analysing corporate datasets and taxonomies for the geoscience industry. With experience consulting for clients in Europe and the Middle East, Sam is responsible for technical innovation, in addition to design and delivery of Petryx data products.



Technical advisors

Petryx works with a network of acdemic and industry thought leaders who help to guide the development of our products and services. Some of our technical and commercial advisors are listed here.

Dr. Ian Millar

Geochronology & Tracer Isotope Geochemistry

Prof. Richard Worden

Reservoir Quality & Diagenesis

Ian is the head of the Radiogenic Isotope Group at the NERC Isotope Geoscience Laboratory in the British Geological Survey. He advises Petryx on matters concerning data processing, with a particular focus on geochronology, and radiogenic isotope geochemistry.
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Based at the University of Liverpool, Richard is the Director of the Diagenesis Research Group (DRG). He advises Petryx on scientific applications relating to sedimentology, with particular focus on reservoir quality and diagenesis.

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Our Promise

To provide fast, efficient, and best-in-class digital geoscience solutions. We promise to work with our partners to find the best answers to their challenges.