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Open source & open access

Here at Petryx we recognise the value that open-source and open-access software can bring to the analysis and interpretation of geological data. Drawing on our years of experience, and alongside our own proprietary technologies, we utilise open-access products that have become the industry standard for their respective tasks. Examples range from Apache Spark, the PostgreSQL database, the R and Python programming languages, and the multitude of libraries that are built on top of them.

At Petryx we find innovative uses for open-source tools and in return aim to give back, wherever possible, to the community.

Below is a selection of useful free and open-source tools available to the scientific community. Many of these can be invaluable when working with large geochronological, geochemical and thermochronological datasets.


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Our Promise

To provide fast, efficient, and best-in-class digital geoscience solutions. We promise to work with our partners to find the best answers to their challenges.