a virtual reservoir conference


Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who attended and took part in ResTech 2020 and for the great feedback that we recieved.

TheĀ  conference abstracts can be found on webite.

Looking for ResTech2.0?

We have moved ResTech to it’s own domain, you can find out more about the upcoming ResTech2.0 at

Dedicated virtual conference

We want to make sure that the value gained from events and face to face interaction is not lost.To mitigate damage to industry and the global economy, we are hosting the first dedicated virtual conference. ResTech 2020 focusses on the Oil & Gas Reservoir, with particular emphasis on upstream exploration.


We believe that now more than ever there is a need to change the way we work, and find new ways of staying connected during difficult times. We believe that a virtual conference is possible and necessary now, not in months or years to come. So we are designing an event to act as a prototype for industry in the future. If you are an event coordinator or organiser and want to talk about how we can team up to deliver amazing events, or even to be involved in this one, then get in touch!