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Products and solutions

Petryx offers bespoke built-for-purpose data products derived from in-house and publicly avaliable datasets. Our data products are light, responsive and perfectly optimised for our clients’ needs.

Offered as one-off purchases, our products give you perpetual royalty-free licences to data packages. These are supplemented by access to online interfaces, free for one year after any data purchase, and offered on a subscription basis thereafter.

We also understand that a rigid set of products cannot always meet your project needs. We are here to help. We offer a wide range of data science services and operate on the principle of being flexible and open, in order to best address your specific needs.

 The Petryx Database is hosted in the cloud. The database can be mirrored directly into your private data cloud or on-premise storage, so you can leverage the data yourself. If you prefer, it can be accessed through our built-for-purpose web application.

The Petryx Data Lens is our built-for-purpose web application for viewing and querying data. It allows clients to cross-examine their own data directly against the Petryx Database, or to upload newly acquired datasets directly into their own instance of the database.

 Petryx can work with you to design and maintain integrated geoscience datastores, workflows, and platforms. We can identify and automate repetitive data manipulation, interpretation, and reporting tasks. We want to help teams get results faster.

From block evaluations to regional screening exercises we help to reduce the uncertainty associated with reservoir quality predictions with data-driven workflows and empirical models based on the latest scientific research.


Our Promise

To provide fast, efficient, and best-in-class digital geoscience solutions. We promise to work with our partners to find the best answers to their challenges.