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Data science for the geoscientist

Petryx can support designing and maintaining integrated geoscience datastores, workflows, and platforms. With a focus on designing ‘software-agnostic’ systems, we can help you to collate, clean, integrate, and serve your geoscience datasets so that every user, regardless of their preferred software set-up, can access and make the most of your data resources.

We can use our extensive experience in finding, extracting, cleaning, and structuring data to give your diverse geoscience team the edge they need. Working with your team, we can identify and automate repetitive data manipulation, interpretation, and reporting tasks. We help teams get results faster, streamlining workflows and making interpretations reproducible.

Analysing XRD data using a Petryx data dashboard – Map view of XRD samples coloured by location

Map view of XRD samples coloured by K-feldspar relative abundance

data science services

Advanced statistics and machine learning

Providing best-in-class analytical techniques, we can help you find the answers you need by seeing through the noise of complex datasets, big and small. We find hidden patterns in data and can make predictions for variables ranging from reservoir properties to palaeoenvironments using cutting-edge machine learning algorithms.

Analysing XRD data using a Petryx data dashboard – nMDS embedding used to visualise XRD data coloured by location

nMDS embedding coloured by quartz relative abundance

data science services

Play with some data

Take a walk through some test data in our interactive web-app. Analyse and visualise data instantly with coded solutions like the one in this example. We can create bespoke apps just like this for you and your team.


Our Promise

To provide fast, efficient and best-in-class digital geoscience solutions. We promise to work with our partners to find the best answers to their challenges.