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the petryx database

The ultimate datastore

The Petryx Database has been designed as a single point of entry to cleaned and standardised rock and sedimentary data, collated from a vast array of heterogeneous sources.

Our comprehensive datasets are hosted in the cloud along with their original metadata and source information. This non-exclusive datastore can be combined with your proprietary sources to provide a seamless, private data storage solution.

Each one-off data purchase comes with free access to online tools such as the Petryx Data Lens, to interact with or download the data.

the petryx database

Data, data, data

We collate data for clients in the Oil & Gas and Mining industries as well as providing a repository for academic institutions. Collating the data is just the beginning. Storing and cleaning the data and providing a front-end web-tool is also critical to help you get the most out of your datasets.

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the petryx database


We give you access to the largest, most comprehensive, and cleanest hinterland database of its kind.

Leveraging the broad and in-depth coverage of the Petryx Database, as well as any subsurface or hinterland datasets you provide, means that you and your team can complete a thorough source-to-sink evaluation, providing invaluable information for reservoir quality.


Our Promise

To provide fast, efficient and best-in-class digital geoscience solutions. We promise to work with our partners to find the best answers to their challenges.