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petryx data lens

The platform

The Petryx Data Lens is the geoscience data platform of the future. This cutting-edge web-based tool allows you to view, filter, and download your data at any time. It always points at the most up-to-date version of the Petryx Database, so any refinements or uplifts in your purchased data will be pushed to you for free.

The Data Lens is a valuable interpretive tool. Integrating state-of-the-art machine learning and statistical functions, it allows you to analyse data and build predictions about the subsurface.

petryx data lens

Data upload

Upload your own data, either to store alongside the Petryx Database, or as anonymised temporary session data for direct analysis against our vast global datasets. However you interact with your data, we use industry standard security protocols, ensuring that your data remains private and only visible to you.

petryx data lens


Detailed filtering allows you to manipulate data and get maximum value out of multiple datasets.

petryx data lens


Cutting-edge algorithms produce quantitative reservoir quality predictions which help to reduce uncertainty.

petryx data lens

Smart commercial models

Petryx clients are given free access to the Petryx Data Lens with any global purchase of the Petryx Database. For as long as you remain a Petryx client, this access rolls on year-after-year.


Our Promise

To provide fast, efficient and best-in-class digital geoscience solutions. We promise to work with our partners to find the best answers to their challenges.