reservoir quality

an empirical approach

reservoir quality

Data driven

From block evaluations to regional screening exercises we help reduce uncertainty with data-driven workflows and empirical models based on the latest scientific research.

Deeper wells drilled further offshore need above-average reservoirs for fluids to flow under harsher conditions, which means extraordinary understanding of the rocks which make these reservoirs.

Many methods exist for approximating the presence of clastic reservoirs through global paleo-geo-climate models, seismic derivatives, and analogue models. All models can tell us something, but enduring weaknesses to these approaches such as lack of data, insufficiently precise input parameters, and inappropriate model selection remain.

Petryx have developed a ground-breaking empirical approach which uses geological data and proven mineral occurrences to predict sediment distribution and composition.

reservoir quality

Sediment routing algorithms

We start with the largest unified geoscience database of its kind to feed into our sediment-routing algorithms. Models such as paleogeographic maps and paleo-digital elevation models are tested against detailed multi-disciplinary sedimentological and sediment provenance data to constrain and truth clastic tributary and distributary systems.

reservoir quality

Mineralogy and diagenesis

Petryx build detailed pictures of where sediment has travelled from and to through time, allowing us to accurately and quantitatively predict clastic sedimentation in offshore environments. We have developed unique and ground-breaking algorithms which model mineralogy arriving in sediment packages offshore. These mineralogical predictions feed directly into our clients’ diagenetic models used to predict reservoir porosity and permeability.

reservoir quality

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Research into the reliability of predictions has shown that predictors who use lots of data, regularly update their outputs, and quantify their predictions are overwhelmingly more accurate than “good/bad/ok” predictors. The same goes for predicting and understanding reservoir rocks so get in touch to find out how you can access the most data-driven, quantitative approach to understanding clastic sediment distribution and composition and to reduce uncertainty in your exploration portfolio before drilling your next well.


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